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T&R Company has become a well-known supplier of containers for nurseries, from propagation trays to over 22-foot Tree Boxes, and distributes products in the Western United States, Hawaii and Canada. Founded in 1964 by a couple of truck drivers named Tony and Rocky, "T&R Lumber," the company originally manufactured stakes and boxes for the wholesale nursery industry and agricultural trade. Since then, the company has grown in sales, product breadth, employees and channel distribution, evolving into what is known today as T&R Company to better represent its current product mix, which now includes not only wood products, but also a wide variety of plastic nursery containers for greenhouse and bedding growers. T&R actively supports several nursery groups and associations including the ANA, NGA, SDCF&PA, and CANGC.

Company milestones:

1977 - The Willis/Tolle family, who had been in the redwood business since 1955 purchased T&R Lumber. With this background, K.C. "Abe" Willis, was well equipped to continue T&R Lumber's specialty of redwood stake and box manufacturing.

1983 – Abe Willis’ eldest granddaughter, Cheryl, married Phil Guardia. Upon Willis' retirement in 1988, Phil and Cheryl Guardia purchased T&R and moved it to its current location in Rancho Cucamonga, California. With Phil’s business experience as a Division Controller for a Fortune 500 Company, he quickly grew T&R from 2-acres with 3,500 square feet of manufacturing to almost 7-acres with over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing.

2003 - T&R expanded its wood product line to include distribution of plastic containers. In September of 2005, the plastic product line was strengthened with the signing of a distributor agreement with Nursery Supplies, Inc., (NSI), a leading manufacturer in plastic nursery pots. Under the agreement, T&R became a master distributor for NSI products.

2006 - T&R continued its rapid growth path by forming a Greenhouse Division and further increasing its sales force. The Greenhouse Division introduced products specifically for greenhouse and bedding plant growers and included a variety of indoor greenhouse pots, hanging baskets, flats, trays, and shade cloth and groundcovers.

Since its modest beginning in 1964 with only a two-man team, T&R has grown to over 100 employees and gained national recognition as a leading supplier to the nursery industry based on Trust and Reliability - the original concept born from its founders - Tony & Rocky!



T&R Company