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CTI is a manufacturer and supplier of indoor/outdoor plastic containers specific to the floral and home decor market. We showcase a broad range of containers for our customers- from simple, turnkey designs, to unique, custom-tailored programs. 

hanging baskets

Attractive, functional and ready to use by both growers and consumers, Landmark hanging baskets feature our patented reservoir and Maxi-Mizer drainage system. These innovations allow for baskets without saucers, letting water flow through while providing a water reservoir at the bottom.

  • Smooth, fluted or swirled bowl designs

  • Sturdy construction

  • Available with or without saucer

  • Compatible with both plastic and wire hangers

  • Standard colors: white and green

  • Call for availability and minimum order info for other colors

  • Colors include tan, chocolate brown, terra cotta, cappuccino, martini olive, black and slate

  • All Botanica decorative pots feature a textured, matte finish

  • Optional finishes include: high gloss paint, custom color plastic, and wipe-on/wipe-off painting for an antique look

  • Labeling and hot-stamped logos are also available.

Our Botanica Collection of pots and containers are a premium decorative series without premium prices. Great for container gardens, combination planters, patios and house plants, we stock most of the standard colors and options in-house.

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A range of greater advantages for you. The TEKU® value of our ornamental containers, from which you profit every day. All ornamental containers are the same? Not from Pöppelmann TEKU®. Fast growth, healthy flowers, excellent unstacking and the extensive use of recycled material. Often, it is such details which make large differences. In other words: precision work. The decisive factor in the quality Pöppelmann TEKU® ornamental pots and containers. It is also decisive in your success. These ornamental pots are from the VDA, MDD and PDB series.

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