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Nursery Supplies Inc.

NSI has one of the largest selections of nursery containers available. More sizes, shapes, weights, and colors to fit your needs. 

We offer a full range of thermoformed, injection and blow molded containers to meet every need.

Blow Molded

We offer:

  • Blow Molded

  • Injection Molded

  • Large Vacuum Formed

  • Pressure-Formed

Made from 100 percent high density polyethylene, the blow-molded line represents our largest single category of products with over 50 sizes and shapes from just under a quart all the way to 60 gallons; many available in three different weights. Whether standard (Custom™) or heavy (Olympian™) weight, both are durable, flexible and easy on the budget. Side ribs and flutes give strength while a unique bottom-edge corrugation design adds further to column rigidity on many of these wide-bottomed containers. Molded-in handles on the top rim on all #5 pots (and above) insure ease of handling to the field, out of the field, during shipping and at retail. Blow-molded containers are a viable, cost-effective alternative to injection-molded pots, and, like all NSI containers, carry a one-year quality guarantee.

  • Available in various weights

  • Strong and flexible

  • Label compatible

  • Available in color for additional fee

  • One year quality guarantee

Injection Molded

  • Strong and rigid

  • Tier stacking

  • Tag slots available on some sizes

  • Available in color for additional fee

  • Label, hot stamp and printing

Large Vacuum Formed

  • Exceptional strength

  • Durable

  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Economical

  • Strong and resilient

  • Automation friendly

  • Co-extruded colors

  • Label and printing compatible

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