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BPI Agriculture

Ginegar Plastics

Poly Ag

Polyethylene Film Products for the Horticultural Industry


  • BPI Agriculture strives to be the most reliable global supplier of agricultural film solutions by providing quality products that comply with the highest processability standards, by protecting sustainable highly nutritional crops and by offering the best service levels and field based training in the sector. The processes applied will support the development of our people, respect their ongoing safety and comply with the highest environmental standards.

  • Leading global producer of high performance agriculture film solutions.

  • Continuous focus on farmers’ and growers’ needs.

  • Spearheading innovation in film technology.

  • Continuous investment in manufacturing infrastructure.

  • Film solutions for all climates for all crops.

  • Quality is paramount in manufacturing at RPC bpi agriculture. Every aspect of our operations is subject to ongoing, rigorous audits. In addition our ISO 90001 accreditation across all sites, we also uniquely have accreditation to the SP Standard for all silage stretchgilm products. Additionally, our silage & grain bags are certified FDA compliant.

ginegar plastics

  • Established in 1969 in Israel, Ginegar Plastic Products is today a publicly-traded, world-leading manufacturer of smart covers for intensive agriculture and horticulture applications, and the pioneer of 5- and 6-layer technology.


  • Ginegar Plastics is dedicated to knowing customers’ needs and empowering their growth.


  • This commitment drives everything they do and pushes them to strive for excellence, quality, reliability and flexibility. With a focus on technological innovation and operational excellence, they offer innovative and tailor-made solutions for enhancing productivity and optimizing and managing light, climate, growing conditions, and resources for growers all over the world.


  • Their products are the culmination of creative development processes, advanced technology and top-of-the-line materials; and have unique mechanical, optical and thermal characteristics that ensure greater durability, excellent resistance to hostile weather conditions, controlled light penetration, better dust resistance, reduced pest activity, and more.

  • With facilities in the USA, Brazil, Israel, Italy and  India, they are today a well-known and established international brand serving customers in over 60 countries on 5 continents.

  • They pride themselves on finding the perfect match between customer needs, crops, climate and terrain conditions, and a customized solution, and always offer ongoing customer support and assistance to ensure the best possible results.

poly ag

  • Poly-Ag Corp. was established in 2003. Located in San Diego, CA. They specialize in “Advanced” polyethylene films and a wide variety of nets for the agricultural sector.

  • Poly-Ag Corp. is affiliated to A.A. Politiv Ltd. (1999) Enterprises; one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural polyethylene films since 1985.

  • Poly-Ag Corp. has earned a reputation for reliable and dedicated service, thereby providing timely delivery without compromising the quality of our products. In addition to the US market, Poly-Ag Corp. is active in Mexico, South America and Central America. Their polyethylene films are custom-made to meet the specific needs required according to each use; this is possible through close collaboration with accomplished agricultural experts and actual growers around the world. Efficient product distribution is made possible by successful coordination in logistics management and our warehouse facilities. Their vast inventory availability allows them to respond efficiently to the varied conditions of the agricultural sector.

  • Poly-Ag Corp. provides reliable solutions and is backed by the 30 years of experience and expertise on the part of A. A. Politiv Ltd. (1999). Politiv has a large-scale production capacity in Israel, which houses state of the art machines capable of meeting market demands in Israel and 50 other countries we export too. These include some of the most advanced multi layered machines in the world. They have exceptionally high accuracy levels, as well as a computerized control interface. The data entry layout is completely computerized, preventing errors and omissions in the composition of materials. Daily production is operated by Politiv's highly- skilled and experienced production team. All of our products are tested according to ASTM and International standards before they are shipped to the customer. (ASTM and ISO click here to view the standards) Tests are conducted around-the-clock in a fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory by a team of highly reputable technicians. The factory is in compliance with the guidelines of the ISO-9001:2008 quality control system. 



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