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Poppelmann, Summit, & Landmark


A range of greater advantages for you. The TEKU® value of our round pots and containers, from which you profit every day. All round-pots are the same? Not from Pöppelmann TEKU®. Fast growth, healthy flowers, excellent stacking and unstacking and the extensive use of recycled material. Often, it is such details which make large differences. In other words: precision work. The decisive factor in the quality of Pöppelmann TEKU® round pots and containers with or without labelling. It is also decisive in your success.

Reduced cultivation time

Rapid growth and healthy plants due to ideal watering and drainage.

Optimal root growth

No need for internal stacking lifts -  allows optimal root growth.


JanorPots have a dual-drainage system that ensures optimum air/water exchange and a reverse taper for pot-bottom stability. The smooth rolled lip and simple de-nesting capabilities make these pots the right choice for automation as well.

Additionally, every JanorPot is ‘Duo’ with 2 layers of polypropylene.

With more than 20 sizes of JanorPots available, from 9 cm H all the way to 22 cm, find what you’re looking for today!


Landmark offers a wide variety of square and round pots in a selection of sizes and colors, all designed for durability, healthy plants and chaos-free use.

Our thermoformed round pots feature bi-level drainage to promote air pruning and discourage root circling, for healthier plants. 

​Our injection-molded square and round pots are made with high-quality polypropylene resin for durability and versatility. Choose from Maxi-Grow pots with bi-level drainage holes that inhibit seal-off, or Maxi-Grow Plus with a wider lip plus side and bottom drainage.

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